Andrew Schmitz '20

I've had a conversation with some of my team mates, about friendships and bonds that are made in college, and we came to the same conclusion. Competitive athletics builds some of the strongest and most genuine lifelong connections with each other. Something that, in my opinion, you can't find anywhere else. Minnesota Men's Crew is no exception to this concept. The fact that everyone pushes each other through thick and thin, and experiences the glory and heartache of competition is something truly special. You really can't find that anywhere else.

One of the best things about being a part of this team is that I feel pride in being able to represent the University of Minnesota. Whenever the team goes to regattas, especially local ones, I can often hear people talking to themselves, "He rows for Minnesota!" as I walk by in my uniform. This organization elicits respect and admiration from almost everyone, and I am truly thankful and happy to be a part of it.

Christine Lewis '20

Christine Lewis, a premed student, had no idea she would have time to compete alongside her current teammates when she first came to campus. Not only did she find her home at the University, she discovered what it means to be an effective leader and team player. Read more


Marek Pierepiekarz '20

"Joining Minnesota Men's Rowing was, hands down, the best decision of my Freshman year. Though many student groups claim to be tightly-knit, inclusive, and supportive, our organization has consistently fostered an environment that lives up to those lofty ideals."