Join the Monthly Giving Program

Friends of Minnesota Crew would like to let you know about our Monthly Giving Program. Each month an automatic withdrawal comes from a credit card or bank account and helps us plan and steadily grow our Capital Expense Fund. Recurring donations help us to better forecast the amount that can be made available to the team on an annual basis. The funds within the Capital Expense Fund led to the purchase of two Hudson Hammerhead 8+,  2 coxed fours and a single. The experience of Minnesota Crew Athletes depends on the fundraising efforts of the Friends of Minnesota and the support of alumni, family members and supports. 

Use the donation button below to become part of our sustaining members to connect with family, friends, and alumni.

Need a hand? Rent-a-Rower!

Minnesota Crew uses fundraising events such as "Rent a Rowers" to support the sport of rowing and its athletes at the University of Minnesota. Moving, gardening/weeding, landscaping, mowing, raking, and shoveling are the most common requests we receive. Our services are offered in exchange for a tax-deductible donation of $15-20/hour/worker. 

For inquiries about this fundraising venture, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator - Brad Meiners at or using the button below.


Friends of Minnesota Crew, Inc.

Commonly referred to as "Friends," Friends of UMN Crew is a booster organization that acts in the best interest of the rowing team. Here are some basic qualities of Friends:

  • Generate and channel financial aid for Crew

  • Communicate with individuals (mostly parents) interested in supporting the team at regattas

  • Organize meals and athlete nutrition at regattas

Friends of Minnesota Men’s Crew Club, Inc. (“Friends of Minnesota Crew”) was formed in September of 2013 for the purpose of providing financial and logistical support to the University of Minnesota Men’s Rowing Team.  In July of 2014, the Friends of Minnesota Crew was granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service, thus making contributions to the Friends of Minnesota Crew tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. 

The Friends of Minnesota Crew raise money for the Club through specific fundraising events and through direct appeals for funds. These fundraising efforts target the alumni, parents and other supporters of the Club. Fundraising events include sale of concessions at “home” regattas and parent’s weekends, sale of Club merchandise, and soliciting donations of food and other refreshments for the Club’s use at regattas. 

The Friends of Minnesota Crew is run entirely by volunteers. These volunteers are parents of current Club members, Club members and alumni of the Club. Please join us in supporting the Club!


Donations are gratefully accepted by check at:

Friends of Minnesota Men's Crew Club

5812 Dupont Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55419