Learning the Ropes: Novices Promise Progress

As we enter the third week of classes and the Fall season, the Novice class eagerly earned their sea legs as they hit the Mighty Mississippi in a frenzy of eights.

With Coaches Aaron Schnell, Jill Winegar, and Allen Rossetti-Chung at the helm, and assistance with the varsity members and recent alumni, the team begins to take shape. Nearing seventy athletes in total, the Varsity and Novice squad combined forces and set out in eight eights early last Saturday morning. The Novice prepared to take a seat in a racing shell through rigorous training in the "barge" and also using the rowing tanks and machines on land in the Boathouse. To ease the removal of their training wheels, four varsity members sat stern pair and bow pair to provide guidance and direction in the new environment. 

Transitioning from the rowing machine to the boat adds a whole set of variables and a new set of skills to polish. Blade work, coordinated commands, and a list of jargon begin to become reality as they challenge the eager athletes. The novice rowers and coxswains are beginning the journey of learning to move the boat as one, working each day in preparation for the Head of the Rock Regatta on October 8th. 

The Varsity completed the tryout for the fall season; a 15 kilometer erg (rowing machine) followed by a 10 kilometer run. Beginning at 8:00AM, the varsity members attacked the two-hour test with a smile. They surely burned more than enough calories to warrant the brunch of a lifetime.