Bald Eagle Collegiate Invitational Closes out Gophers Fall Season


In the first weekend of November, a collection of the American Collegiate Rowing Association's most successful programs populated the entry list at the regatta hosted by the University of Purdue Crew. 


Minnesota arrived at the course early Saturday morning, setting up camp under the towering oak trees in the scenic park reserve. The fog blanketed the 4.25 kilometer race course on Eagle Creek in a crisp but calm 45 degrees. 

Novice Coach Jill Winegar began to direct her novice rowers and coxswains in strategic race plans for the primary test of speed for the first-year rowers: the Novice 4+ and the Novice 8+. To ensure optimal results, she debriefed the coxswains about their race plan as well as urging the rowers to sharpen their focus and highlighting the crucial components in the art of racing. The "A" Novice 8+ took 7th place, and the "B" Novice 8+ took 6th place. 


Head Coach Aaron Schnell enticed his athletes with the team goals and the means necessary for achieving them. His assertion encapsulates the upward trend in the recent years of Minnesota Crew, clawing for every inch amongst a handful of the top 8 teams in ACRA. 

"We're moving up in the ranks every year. Our work in the fall is a promising indicator for our success in the spring, as long as we put in the work over the long winter" he communicated to the Varsity members.


The "A" Varsity 4+ of Douglas McCune Zierath '18, Thomas Dickovich '19, Ian Gordon '18, and Mitchell Verbeten '20 took fourth place out of a tough list of twelve entries. The "A" Varsity pair of Alex Martin '18 and Connor Lund '18 earned bronze medals in a twenty-one boat race. 


Soon after the fours and pairs, the first, second, and third Varsity eights took to the water in the event that comprised of around twenty eights. 


The "A" Varsity 8+ (below) and the "B" Varsity 8+ (above) finished 6th place in their respective events. 


The athletes are beginning the transition into winter training indoors, using weights and the ergometers as placeholders for the racing shells.